New business? Need a website quickly?

Existing website showing its age? Then give us a call!

✔  talk through what you need
✔  look over the mock-up that I make
✔  learn the easy steps to add news and photos in the future

Get in touch if that sounds like the kind of service you’re after!

Other options

There are plenty of ways to get online of course. Here are a few popular ones, with some pros and cons. We believe there is space alongside these services for what Strilo offers, and I don’t want to sell you something that you won’t be happy with.

Build & host your own website

If you’re already comfortable with hosting a website yourself, you probably don’t need the services of Strilo Ltd.  😉


Pros: free hosting, popular international service.
Cons: need to build the site yourself, with limited control over styling and other options.
We’ll build your site using our own installation of WordPress, which allows finer control over the presentation and features of the site.


Pros: cost effective; established national service.
Cons: for cheapest service, you need to design & build the website yourself.
Our service is pretty close to their “Business” service together with the “Professional setup service”. Our package includes designing and creating a site for you based on the needs established after meeting and/or discussing with you. We’ll happily take on board your suggestions and requirements, but you’re welcome to just let us get on with creating the site and making as little contribution as you like!